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Teacher of the Month

Teacher of the Month

Ms. Krissy is our teacher of the month for December. Ms. Krissy started with us as our cook. When a position opened up in Preschool she asked if she could take over that classroom. Ms. Krissy has made such a difference in there in the short time since she took over. The children all love …

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5 Tips for Helping Kids Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Many families are all too familiar with combating coughing, sneezing and runny noses during the winter. A very common scenario is a kid brings a cold home and then it gets spreads to every family member. This can also happen with the flu. If you want to help your kids stay healthy during the cold …

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5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Child About Their Day

When you pick your little one up from a childcare center, it’s natural to ask them how their day was. While you want to hear as many details as possible, this question often results in a simple answer like “good” or “fine.” This is especially true as your kiddo continues to get a little older. …

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We Are Proud to Be a Green Childcare Center

One of the traits that makes All About Kids such a compelling childcare and learning center is we put play at the center of everything our children do. Utilizing play in this way allows us to create the ideal environment for kids to develop their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Another important part of …

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