5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Child About Their Day

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5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Child About Their Day

When you pick your little one up from a childcare center, it’s natural to ask them how their day was. While you want to hear as many details as possible, this question often results in a simple answer like “good” or “fine.” This is especially true as your kiddo continues to get a little older. If you’re looking for a better way to get more detailed information out of your child, we have five creative ideas to help you out:

Ask “what was the best thing that happened today?” Your child will have to actually describe an event to answer this question instead of simply giving you a one-word answer. Another variation is to ask “what was the worst thing that happened today?” While this variation isn’t likely something that you’ll want to bring up on a daily basis, it is helpful if you notice that your child seems a little more moody than normal and want to pinpoint why they’re feeling that way.

The next question you can add to your rotation is “who did you play with today?” Although there’s a chance that your child’s answer may be limited to a name or two, you’ll often find that this question will spark an answer that includes a description of what type of playing they did together.

A great question to remind your child about the importance of giving to others is “how did you help somebody today?” If your child doesn’t have an answer, it’s an opportunity to discuss possible ways to help in the future. Another variation of this question that many parents like to ask is “how did someone else help you today?” This is a great way to reinforce the importance of gratitude.

If you want to focus on specific things that your child learned during the day, consider asking “what new word did you hear today?” Once your child answers, you can keep the conversation going by asking for an explanation of what that word means.

To find out what your child is interested in the most, you can ask a question along the lines of “what do you hope you get to learn about more during the week?” This will provide a clear insight into what’s engaging your child the most during the day.

By using the above questions, you’ll be able to get much more information out of your afternoon or early evening conversations. And if your child isn’t already part of All About Kids Childcare and Learning Center, you can take a look at our philosophy page to get an idea of the types of activities your little one will enjoy taking part in with us.

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